Waynesboro Park and Ride Lot Expansion

An expansion of the Town Center Park and Ride commuter lot in Waynesboro is scheduled to begin March 29, 2021. The $1 million project will provide additional parking spaces, new transit facilities, and improved access and lighting. The commuter lot, located near the Interstate 64 exit 94 interchange at Route 340 (P. Buckley Moss Drive), will remain open during construction. Barricades will separate the work zone from areas open to the public.

The Park and Ride lot is currently unmarked and has room for about 120 personal vehicles. The site has limited lighting and no bus shelter or dedicated bus zone/pull off. This project will increase parking capacity to about 175 spaces, and include a bus stop with covered shelter. The lot will be repaved and will receive improved lighting.

Pavement marking will enhance safety for all users and improve pedestrian access to nearby shopping and dining facilities. Additional amenities include bike racks, sidewalks, and landscaping. The project also includes infrastructure to accommodate future charging stations for electric vehicles. All improvements will be ADA compliant.

The project is funded by the SMART SCALE transportation prioritization program, and has a contract completion date of May 2022.

Additional information about the project is found on the Virginia Department of Transportation project page.