brite bus in downtown staunton

We Respect The Reasons You Ride.

The majority of our passengers use our bus system to get to work, medical appointments, and shopping. We make every effort to ensure you get where you need to be safely and efficiently. Our inclement weather plan is designed to keep our passengers and employees safe when roads are dangerous. We run our scheduled routes when conditions are clear, but sometimes adjust our routes or cancel our services when roads are dangerous and icy.

You Will Know When We Make Changes.

When we make changes to our regularly scheduled routes, we will post or announce those changes to the following outlets:

Updated service changes will also be available by contacting the BRITE customer service phone number at (540) 943-9302.

Your Safety Is Our Responsibility.

The safety of our passengers is the most important aspect of our service and critical to our mission. We obey all traffic guidelines and provide safety and rider tips to get you ready to travel on our clean and efficient buses. By following our guidelines we will be working together to keep all passengers safe and where they need to be.

Our Team Is Your Valuable Resource.

When you have questions about the BRITE bus service, call us. We are committed to full-transparency and equal treatment to all our passengers. We follow ADA guidelines and offer ADA Compliant Paratransit transportation services and fulfill all requirements of Title VI. Learn more about our policies and governance to get the full scope of our standards.

Contact Us To See If Our Bus Service Is Running.