BRITE Bus parked on Blue Ridge Community College's campus

BRCC Shuttle Schedule Revised – Will Run Until 7 PM

Previous Schedule Changes

BRITE Bus reduced hours on the BRCC Shuttles in June ending the service at 6:00PM to better reflect route utilization and demand. Prior to implementing these changes, we held a public comment period to allow community input and rider feedback. During this comment period, riders told us the new ending times of 5:30PM (BRCC South) and 6:00PM (BRCC North) were too early and might leave commuters stranded.

New Schedule Changes

Based on this feedback, we have revised the schedule to allow for an additional hour of service at the end of the day. The (revised) new schedule will end at 7:00PM, allowing riders to board in Harrisonburg at 5:17 pm, and travel all the way back to the Staunton Lewis Street Hub. Additionally, the last trip of the day will circle back up to BRCC to provide a later connection between Staunton and Verona and Augusta County.

North/South Eliminated, Full Loop for BRCC Shuttle

In addition to this extra hour of service, the route will no longer differentiate between North and South shuttles. The BRCC Shuttle route will be one full loop, operating between the JMU Godwin Transit Center in Harrisonburg and the Lewis Street Hub in Staunton. Two buses will operate the route to provide hourly service. Riders don’t need to change buses if they wish to connect from the northern stops to the southern stops. Riders who board in Harrisonburg can ride a single bus all the way to Staunton and vice versa.

The new schedule (below) goes into effect on August 1, 2023. New schedule brochures are being printed and will be available soon. If you have any questions about these changes, please call the BRITE customer service phone number 540-943-9302.